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Reconciliation Reporting

Understanding your patients and payer demographics –

  • Which payers dominate your managed care population?

  • What is the average rate of reimbursement per day?

  • How many days are approved per patient stay?

  • Are payers authorizing in line with other payers in your facility?

  • How does utilization compare to peer facilities in your state?

  • How does utilization for my facility today, compare to utilization 6 months ago?

  • Is utilization similar between payers in different facilities within my own organizations?


Weekly utilization reviews, Monthly triple checks, & Biannual Comprehensive HMO Demographic Review & Comparative Analysis Will help each SNF identify and understand their utilization – to keep their finger on the pulse.


Our Comprehensive HMO Demographic Analysis can be requesting for any SNF entertaining using our services.

We'd love to see how we can help. Contact Us Today! 

Administrative Analysis

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